The Law Works 24/7 - and So Do We

The Law Works 24/7 - and So Do We

Call On Our Charlotte, NC Bail Bondsmen Any Time of the Day or Night

If you've found yourself in jail or need a bond for other purposes, G-L Mackins Bonding Company is the agency to call. We offer out-of-state bonds if you are not located in the Charlotte, NC area, and we provide many types of bonds. Our bondsmen have the experience necessary to meet your needs, and can offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

You can speak with one of our representatives by calling 704-334-9600 at any time.

Types of Bonds We Offer:

Whether you're a first time offender, an innocent person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time or a project owner wanting to ensure that a contract is fulfilled, you can turn to our bail bondsmen for the bond you need. The bonds we offer include:
  • Misdemeanor bonds
  • Felony bonds
  • Juvenile bonds
  • Surety bonds

Reach out to G-L Mackins Bonding Company at any time to arrange for a bail bond in the Charlotte & Gastonia, NC area.